18.9.21 Walking

Walking is the cure for everything. No wonder I have been struggling to exercise during lockdown. I am not interested in doing a rushed light kettlebell workout in the backyard. Yawn. I just want to walk. Briskly. At dusk. For an hour. Read the second book of Sweet Tooth from start to finish today. Reading… Continue reading 18.9.21 Walking

17.9.21 I choose…

I choose to shun: Arrogance Greed  Doing things to make more money Doing things to increase my reach/brand I choose to: Mind my own beeswax Do what’s right for me Be humble

14.9.21 Contrast

Enjoying the contrast in pace between Lord of the Rings and Avengers Endgame. Even though LOTR is painfully slow by today’s short attention spans, it’s absolutely perfect for what it is. Fine fine directing. Something I LOVE about Endgame is some of the most poignant conflicting moments use no or slow music, and the actors speak softly. It really enhances… Continue reading 14.9.21 Contrast

13.9.21 More thoughts on RUOK Day…

The week before RUOK Day, when discussing it with the kids in online class, the teacher referred to it as “a day of celebration”. I’m not sure if she’s celebrating depression, suicide, or the myriad of mental health issues out there, but it is most certainly not “a day of celebration”. On the actual Day, the teacher praised… Continue reading 13.9.21 More thoughts on RUOK Day…


I have 10000 words due in 2 days. I’ve been watching Lord of the Rings with my kid instead.

9.9.21 RUOK Day

Online school was a weird version of RUOK Day. The impression out there is still that being happy = good, and not being happy = you need to be happy. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but the pathologising of humanity is what makes us feel wrong in the first place. Let us be who… Continue reading 9.9.21 RUOK Day


Lockdown. Being at home without my own space leads to a lot of frustration and anger FOR FUCK’S SAKE. And you know what? It’s OK. They say you should be regulated, meditate, be calm, find joy in the simple things. But don’t forget your anger. Don’t gaslight yourself. See yourself. Acknowledge yourself. Accept yourself. With… Continue reading 8.9.21


Trying to do everything is really hard. In my heart I know… I need to slow down and do everything myself, but slow down and do it in a way that I’m really proud of.